5 reasons you should use Detailer CEO Dashboard

Dilruba Çelikkol |  Detailer Product Manager

To fulfill the need of  prompt decision making of our time with accurate information, CEO and the CxOs need a platform where they can see the state of the enterprise. This platform should carry all the KPIs needed to run the company, with a periodical and comparative monitoring. No need to mention that it should be accessible anywhere, anytime with highest security possible. Our resolutions to the above statements for the retail industry shaped the blueprints of Detailer CEO Dashboard. Detailer is a business analytics platform, transforms the data into reliable information and information is transformed into predictions, providing foundation for both real-time tactical and long-term strategic decisions of the retail managers.

And here I want to share  the 5 reasons you should use Detailer CEO Dashboard?

  1. It is mobile. You can reach any information and monitor your company 24/7, from every internet accessing corner in the world.
  2. All the information you need on one board. You do not get lost, in and out of the reports, chasing the related charts and losing track of what you were looking for in the first place.
  3. Has a straightforward interface, talking the retail language, which makes Detailer CEO Dashboard easy to use, comprehend and take action.
  4. The platform has all the KPIs, nothing more, nothing less.  All the metrics to manage a retail company is boxed in Detailer. The data you need is available in both summarized and detailed forms. You can always drill to see the details in a chart.
  5. The colors are talking. You just have to listen to them. If your dashboard is green as a golf course, your company is doing great. Beware if it starts to look like a Christmas tree with other eye-catching colors on it.

You, as decision makers are seasoned professionals with  profound business skills. However you need to listen to the stories your data are telling you, with the single version of truth, to keep the whole company aligned. You can do these effortlessly, in a heartbeat.

Obase @ TheBase

I know I am late to write the post, but yes. Obase was at The Base : ). We were welcomed by the Microstrategy  Netherlands and Nordics team.

Actually the story goes back a month when Account Executive Sharon Waizman reached us through Robert Prochowicz – Microstrategy Senior Presales Consultant we have been working for years.  Sharon kindly invited us to share our experience and speak at the Microstrategy Symposium. We agreed to make it an airline industry session. Mr. Ibrahim Oral Emul – Big Data & BI Manager at Turkish Airlines reacted generously to our invitation to make it a Turkish Airline session.


So began our devotion to Netherlands and the Nordics. While in Amsterdam, we thought of joining the Microstrategy team and introducing them our Business Analytics products developed on Microstrategy, for the verticals; Telco and Retail. Sharon invited us to The Base building close to the Schiphol Airport.

We had a fruitful session with the team lead by Kathrin Schneider, MicroStrategy Netherlands and Nordics Sales Director. We introduced our products Detailer – Retail Analytics and Corpwatch – Data driven management app for the Telco C-Level. (I will be revealing more in other posts) We all were extremely excited to see a potential of collaboration emerging as we talked.  Vertical solutions, for the C-level use that are ready to implement are really what we need in the analytics market today (this will also be the topic for another post) and I was proud to see that we are on the rightest track. We will certainly be chasing opportunities where we can deliver value for the companies in Europe, hopefully kicking off in Netherlands.

Berrak Çelik | Global Business Development Director at Obase