Black Friday & Cyber Monday Hangover

Four years ago, it was just a simple weekend. But now it starts a week ago and If done right, this final push can get your bottom-line goals across the finish line for the year.

Retailers are looking more towards online sales than brick-and-mortar. Holiday shoppers also flock to online marketplaces for Cyber Monday to find some of the best deals of the year in addition to Black Friday.

Sales and Marketing departments think that having the right product/campaign offers with highly competitive discounts is enough to get the most from BFCM (Black Friday & Cyber Monday). Of course it is a great achievement to attract audiences and get good sales results. However there is a missing part behind the curtains: Order fulfillment!

It is a nice but a big problem if you have made a record-breaking amount of sales and haven’t prepared for this! Here is what you should do:

  • Speed up fulfillment – Create pick lists, packing slips, and shipping labels in bulk.
  • Check with Partners – Ask suppliers if they might support you during this period with direct fulfillment to the customer from their own stock.
  • Be transparent – Informing your clients about expected delivery dates or any delays you will decrease any unsatisfaction.
  • Process returns quickly – By processing return items quickly, you can prevent customer churn and improve your corporate reputation and open place for other packages.
  • Be Reachable – Think email, online chat, searchable FAQ lists in order to ease customer to find you well. Think catching social media comments or praises to keep it under your control.
  • Recover your stock – When the rush is finished, recover your stock levels to continue on strong through the rest of the year.

Black Friday might be over but others are just around the corner. For the next special day use your data. Take a look back at your data from years past and pay special attention to marketing channels. Replicating previous campaign messaging with higher engagement rates can be key to driving returning visitors and converting leads with less budget.

Take the time to think through your strategy, what’s worked in the past, and what is going to be best for your brand long term. Do what you can to delight your customers, but in an effective way that still creates ROI.

Automation is key! Manually managing your inventory can be a hassle on any day of the year, but will be especially stressful on BFCM.

Take a deep breath and prepare for the next special day… Check out Obase solutions.

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20+ years with MicroStrategy

As one of the oldest MicroStrategy partners our story has begun in 1997. When we first start, “The Intelligent Enterprise” term was very new to many companies in Turkey. That’s why it was a big success and very challenging for us to make Boyner-one of the biggest department store and Migros-the largest supermarket chain in Turkey to use MicroStrategy products.

MicroStrategy combines traditional business intelligence with cutting-edge analytics, mobile, and cloud technology, enabling organizations to build and deploy transformational applications that maximize the value of information and accelerate business.

At Obase, as a partner we understand the power of partnerships and know the importance of collaboration to achieve success in today’s world. As a result of this by keeping strategic perspective at the heart of our partnership with MicroStrategy, we were awarded as MicroStrategy Best Partner EMEA in 2009.

“The Very Firsts” in Turkey

During our 20+ years partnership with MicroStrategy we pioneered many “firsts” in Turkey. We completed Turkey’s first Data Warehouse project. We prepared first Enterprise BI reporting and B2B reporting platform in our region.

MicroStrategy Symposium Series in Istanbul at its second year became attracted by large enterprises’ decision makers and manager with 250+ attendees.

With a dedicated team full of Microstrategy certified engineers and also by being an R&D center we provide services and Microstrategy embedded enterprise analytics to the Top 10 companies in Turkey.

Today Obase provides license, maintanence and professional services with 1st level technical support for MicroStrategy business intelligence platform to +50 leading companies from different industries; mainly in retail, telco, airlines & transportation, finance, insurance and energy.

Together with MicroStrategy, with a highly futuristic vision and ability to follow the same path, at Obase, we will achieve to continue our partnership now and for the future.

We will meet you at MicroStrategy World 2019 event.

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Data-Driven Budgeting


It is that time of the year! 2019 budget planning is in full gear and you are trying to come up with new ways to make the right decision in order to create an efficient budget.

If you think it’s hard to develop a budget, you’re in a good company. Today’s motto is “do more with less”! Faced with high competition, companies need to spend every penny wisely. A Nielsen study found that %40 of respondents feel very confident in their team’s ability to determine the most effective way to allocate their marketing budget.

Today, companies often use outdated and complicated spreadsheets, older IT systems, and manually prepared reports. After spending long times to collecting and processing data, the lack of consolidated information and tools to perform analysis makes it difficult to track execution, program success, and convert data points into narratives that support their goals. This approach to budget formulation is labor intensive, less accurate, and harder to manage for budget purposes.

It’s obvious that the data is empowering new insights and business initiatives. Your data is out there and why not use it? Good judgement and good data are integral for leaders to make good decisions. By building multi-dimensional, structured databases, you can add new levels of transparency, accountability, and collaboration to some of the biggest factors impacting your budget planning and formulation.

Data-driven budgeting, also known as performance budgeting or results oriented budgeting, is more than a mere accounting of resources; rather, it drives decisions predicated on outcomes resulting from the use of resources. A performance budgeting process examines company/department goals and objectives, measures planning results, and uses this information to modify budget allocations over time. Successful planning replaces gut feel with objective, fast based analysis. This enables you to make better business decisions in support of company mission.

New Ways To Get Better Results:

  • Collect or share data in a way that is actionable
  • Input targets
  • Integrate budget data and enforce business rules and guidelines
  • Optimise your planning against the objectives
  • Leverage data to inform planning, programming, budgeting, and execution decisions
  • Monitor KPI and set an agile monitoring system

Instead of arguing for your budget, base your decisions and arguments on 100% facts. In order to make the chaotic world of budget and money allocation a bit more structured, facts based on data and conclusions derived from it are vital.

It is sure: data driven decision making is here to stay and budgets shouldn’t be based on crystal ball forecasts any more.

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