Data-Driven Culture for CEOs

data driven insights
Data-Driven Culture for CEOs

Most companies focus on data, but fall short of being insights driven. CEOs around the world recognize the competitive advantage of technological advancement can present to their companies. Many CEOs expect to put significant investment into emerging technologies to transform their businesses and engage customers.

According to the 2017 Global CEO Outlook:

  • 48% expect major disruption in their sector from technological innovation within the next 3 years
  • 38% are planning to invest in data analytic tools over the next 3 years
  • 35% will put significant investment into their digital infrastructures
  • 59% expect their investments will help transform the business and operating models.

Lack of Real-Time Management

Continuously optimizing action is a big gap for all. Only 13% of CEOs reported that they have an ability to monitor and iterate on production models which is essential for continually executing insights in real time. 89% of the companies have limited ability for real-time insight to execution.

Talent is more of an issue when executive support is lacking. 64% of Leaders strongly agreed that their executive team takes an insights-driven approach to decision making. Unless the management understand, it does not make any sense trying to prove with analytics.


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