Lots of companies want to put all QA procedures into practice but it is not very easy.  In addition to this, most companies attempt to use automation tools without any preparation of QA steps. As a result, it turns into frustration. Before beginning to test and all their procedures, we must understand that there are some steps for our company to get ready. These are;

  • Speak common language and terminology of the test
  • Add testing processes
  • Begin to create test organization
  • Learn test techniques
  • Start to use test automation tools

On the other hand, these steps are not difficult than preventing personal judgements. Most and old fashioned people might not want to use these steps. Also, most of them will oppose to tests. You must say that your company is beginning to change and you must explain it with determination and patience. Many people are convinced by numbers. Show them how your company gets the profit from these steps. Show people the number of errors provided by the customer before and after the test. You will see, they will understand how important it is.

Let’s start to explain all these steps:

Speak Common Language and Terminology of the Test

Imagine, you are establishing a new company. In this company, you need to set some rules and some strategies for selling a product. However, you need to explain all these rules and strategies to your employees and teach them how important they are. If people understand what you say and start to obey the rules, congratulations your company will have their own common language and words. Otherwise it would be a disaster.

Test needs to have their own rules, strategies and common language the same as establishing a new company and setting up rules. The message should be clear and accurate when you talk about test. People must know all the methodologies and procedures. If someone talks about UAT, everyone infers and interprets invariably. Therefore, you need to teach them the methodologies, how they cope with the difficulties when they are testing, and the type of the test.

Add Testing Processes

It is time to add test strategies into the software life cycle if all comprehend the common language and explain when you ask “what does UAT mean”.  Before the test organization, the teams need to know very well at which stage they should do the test. Test is not a final stage of the development life cycle. One of the biggest mistakes is to make the test in the final stage of development. However, the test must be done at all the stages of the development. What does it mean? The test starts with the analysis phase. First, unclear parts in the analysis are found and errors are corrected. Later on, developers start to write their unit tests and must deliver the production to the test team. Is it over? NO! Now it is time to apply UAT “user acceptance test”. Customers start checking if the job they want is accurate. All of these processes should be included in the software life cycle and the test culture of the company should be established. Again, this process is not short and easy.

Begin to Create Test Organization

After adding the test steps to the company culture, it is now time for the experts who will perform the test to join the company.  The relevant test engineers who know their job description, also know which stages and which test to perform. Each of test engineers will help development team with testing methodologies, type of the test to be used and stages start to the test. The company should find the expert person for the test. It is a specific job description and the company needs those people.

Learn Test Techniques

You may have learned every technique and explained what to do at each stage. However, in the most difficult times, specific tests are needed and this may cause you to reevaluate what you know. To illustrate, this is just like driving on a stormy weather rather than a rainy one. Breaking while driving might cause a serious accident on a stormy weather. It’s time to learn each technique step by step and use it in the right place in the right way.

Start to Use Test Automation Tools

After all these steps, you can now use the test automation tools. If it is used before all these steps, it will be similar to the ladder which has only the highest step. And this ladder is useless at all to raise you up!

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